The HOLO PRO is something new, nobody has it.

The HOLO PRO give you oportunity to push further, to have 3D fix Hologram, of You, or some picture that you want to have on.

The main is that a little dimensions give you something perfect, exceptional.

A litle box that hold inside a lamp, that can be activated with the switch or trought the outlet. The switch is charged with the battery,
and the double plastic holds on the glass, where you put the picture, 4 way, and it gives you a hologram projection.

The main purpose of the project is that it gives you an oportunity to have a spectacular and changelabel, and two in one hologram.
One is fix hologram,and the second is that you can put on the piramid your phone and makes you hologram projection.

HOLO PRO is just the begining of something new. We want to geather the money to advance, and to have oportunity to invest in a more easy to use hologram projections, and to have the oportunity to make new projects, and new hologram projects, that will be more advanced, and more cheaper.
We are holding on, and hoping to geather enought to make new step further.